Stalking Your Fear: Ana Forrest’s Multi-Part Series on Huffington Post

My teacher Ana Forrest has been publishing a multi-part series on Huffington Post called “Stalking Your Fear”.  This excellent series gives you not only insight into Ana’s fascinating past, but also some concrete steps towards addressing fear.  I used the following section as a theme for a class I was teaching, and it seemed to resonate.

We have this old technology for dealing with fear that helped us survive — freeze, fight and flee. But stalking your fear is a quantum leap that helps change your relationship to fear. Choose instead the brave-hearted path of stalking, tracking, studying and allying with your fear. How that would feel, how would it free you and change your life for the better?

Start now by deepening your breath. Right now. You are about to gain a whole new skill set for dealing with fear. That is really exciting!

Stalking your fear teaches you how to respond quite differently. By re-patterning your behaviors, you re-pattern the way your brain and nervous system work. You change your neural connections and neurochemistry. It is really fun to be able to turn your response to fear around and come into a position of power with it.

So many particular emotions I feel like I am dealing with right now, but when I look at at base core of those emotions, the core emotion is fear-based.  Fear of not performing well, fear of confrontation, fear of not living up to expectations, fear of not being a better parent, fear of letting the past dictate my reactions in the present.

I recently read an article on Psychology Today that proposed that there are only five basic fears in the human emotional realm. They described the basic feeling of fear as:

An anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience.

That part I fully agree with – realizing that the majority of the things we fear never come to pass.  The article proposed that the only base fears are extinction (fear of ceasing to exist), mutilation (fear of having our body injured or broken), loss of autonomy (fear of being entrapped, paralyzed or controlled by circumstances, both physical and social), separation (fear of abandonment, rejection and loss of connection) and ego-death (fear of  humiliation, shame, or the shattering of one’s constructed sense of lovability, capability, and worthiness.)      I’m not sure how all of the personal fears, angers and pain I’ve experienced recently fit into these neat five categories, or if they even do.  But me beginning the process of examining my fears from the outside observer position, the “mind watcher” is the beginning of stalking my fear.  By identifying the fear, recognizing it, becoming curious about it instead of old patterns of running away, I start down the process of facing the fear and overcoming the fear.

Take the time to read this insightful multi-part series on fear from Ana Forrest:


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