About Me

An on-again, off-again yoga practioner for years, Jennifer’s journey from office worker to yoga teacher started in 2010, when she sought a new, healthier way to combat anxiety and depression by working within her own body without pharmaceuticals.  Along the way of that journey, she reclaimed her health from a family history of bad health and is actively changing the health of her daughter and her future generations.

When her office handed her three weeks of furloughs in 2011, Jennifer took a defying gravity leap into an intensive month-long Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training with Ana T. Forrest.  She is now an Associate Forrest Yoga teacher  in Tampa, Florida working on full Forrest Yoga certification.

When not teaching yoga, Jennifer:

  • Develops marketing research for a major media company
  • Performs as a street artist and stage combat actor at local renaissance fairs
  • Dresses up as a comic book character at sci-fi/fantasy conventions
  • Collects vintage My Little Ponies and theater masks from around the world
  • Geeks out on Broadway musicals and singing along to “Glee”

Be wary – Jennifer’s wry sense of humor and sarcastic wit may distract you just long enough before you realize she has empathically and compassionately moved you a little deeper into your body, into your heart and into your spirit.


My shoulder feels amazing this morning after Forrest Yoga yesterday at Yoga Downtown Tampa with Jennifer Yarter. Thanks to Elizabeth Pope for suggesting Forrest Yoga to help restore my rotator cuff.

~ Rocky Sharwell

I just took a yoga class with Jennifer Yarter at Yogani Studios.. Great class…she taught me to appreciate my feet. The one thing that grounds you and connects you to the earth. Yoga…yes yoga taught me that 🙂

~ Nikki Brown

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several of Jennifer’s classes. They are challenging enough to make you work but not so challenging that you want to give up. She’s always ready to help you with an alternate pose just in case you can’t complete the pose as demonstrated and she offers constant encouragement. Her adjustments are great to help you learn the proper positioning and she always makes you feel welcome. I would definitely recommend her classes.

~ John Burchett


Contact me for more info!

Email: jenniferyarter@gmail.com
Phone: 813-310-0738